Billionaire calls Bitcoin “insurance”

Bill Miller, a billionaire, founder and CEO of Miller Value Partners, said he considered Bitcoin (BTC) to be an “insurance policy against financial disaster.”

One example of this was the situation in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of US troops: “When the US left Afghanistan, Western Union stopped sending remittances there, but if you had Bitcoin, financially nothing has changed for you, because you can sell it. anyone in the world if you have a phone. ”

Miller also advised not to listen to Warren Buffett, who recently stated that he would not buy VTS even for a penny: “If you take everything through the prism of Buffett, you can understand it. But I recommend just ignoring his words. ” He added that “the purpose of investing is not to own productive assets, but to make money.”
It will be recalled that in January this year, Miller said that he had invested half of his savings in Bitcoin.

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