Billionaire Richard Branson declared war on cryptocurrency fraudsters

The founder of the Virgin Group International conglomerate, Richard Branson, has stated that he was working with the UK government to combat fraudsters who use his name to promote cryptocurrency pyramids.

“The situation is terrible because it applies to ordinary people who cannot afford to lose their accumulated funds. We are investing huge funds to stop the publications of fraudulent ads on Facebook and other social networks, ”Branson said, stressed that his lawyers have been opposed to fake videos and illegal advertising of cryptocurrency projects using a businessman.

The billionaire has joined a group of well -known businessmen who are trying to convince the government to enter the legislation on fraudulent advertising and Internet safety as a whole. Virgin Group founder suggested that the company’s customers who publish such advertising. Then Branson says, corporations such as META will check the information published on their platforms.

According to the UK Cyber ​​Security Center, Richard Branson is included in the list of celebrities whose names are most commonly used by cryptocurrency fraudsters. Most likely, it is due to the fact that Branson has repeatedly expressed positively about bitcoin and called it a tool for reasonable investment (so his words are easy to use in fake advertising).

In addition to Branson fight against “cryptocurrency arbitrariness” on social networks, many famous people are conducting: billionaire Andrew Forrest, co -founder of Apple Steve Wozniak (Wozniak filed a lawsuit against YouTube for publishing fake divers bitcoins).

The editorial board of Noworries strongly advises you to trust only proven sources of information and not invest your own funds in cryptocurrency pyramids.

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