Three Arrows Capital step before bankruptcy

Three Arrows Capital is one of the largest hedge funds investing in cryptocurrencies. But now the company’s solvency is hanging in the balance. Investors are wondering if Three Arrows Capital will survive the current Armageddon?
What happened

Bankruptcy information Three Arrows Capital appeared a couple of days ago. Today it was confirmed by one of the co -founders of the Su Zhu Foundation. He wrote a mysterious post that some problem really exists.

“We are negotiating with the relevant parties and trying to solve the problem”

We are in the Process of comunicating with Relevant Parties and Fully Committed to working this out
– Zhu Su 🔺 (@zhusu) June 15, 2022

Apparently, the fund cannot push its Marzhin-Call. The other day, the company began the process of translating its assets between Defi (including AAVE) to avoid potential multimillion liquidations due to the fall of ETH.

The Crypto-journalist WU Blockchain writes that only in May 3AC lost about $ 37 million on the Bitfinex exchange.

According to Bitfinex Leaderboard, Three Arrows Lost $ 31,370,031.97 in Bitfinex trading in May, Ranking Second. The Account Lost $ 37,278,593.9 on Bitfinex this year. In June, The Account Was Not Recorded. But Losses on a Single Exchange May Just Be Hedge.
– Wu Blockchain (@wublockchain) June 15, 2022

The second suspicious fact is the behavior of the co -founder of the company Su Zhu. Recently, he deleted from his biography on Twitter mention of investments in ETH, LUNA, SOL, NEAR and AVAX, leaving only information about bitcoin.

The possible bankruptcy of Three Arrows Capital is also indicated by the crypto blogger with the nickname Moon. He tracked the translations of Steth made by the fund. Of these, it is clear that the company has no choice, and it is now selling assets to pay off a monstrous duty.

3AC in TROUBLE? Rumors Swirling

– Kyle and Zhu Haven Tweeted Or Liked Anything in Days
– Zhu Deleted His Instagram
– An Hour Ago They Dumped 30k Steth and Reduced All Aave Positions
– Moon (@moonoverlord) June 14, 2022

Investor Lars David adds:

“A quarter of a billion dollars, which is probably 3 Arrows, is now $ 20 from the start of liquidation …

Hold on to *** opa !!! ”

A quarter Billion Dollars Worth of #etheum Likely Owned BY 3 Arrows IS Like $ 20 of Starting Liquidions …

Hold Onto Your Butts !!!
– Lark Davis (@thecryptolark) June 15, 2022

Of course, so far these are only rumors. But if Three Arrows Capital really runs out, it will already be the third major victim of cryptosima – after Terraft Labs and Celsius.

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