Binance has launched a crypto card for Ukrainian refugees with monthly assistance

Binance cryptocurrency exchange has launched a crypto card for Ukrainians, which will cost $ 75 per month.

The card is available to all Ukrainians who left Ukraine amid a large-scale Russian invasion. The novelty applies to both already active users of the service and those who are just planning to register on the exchange.

Cardholders will be able to perform cryptocurrency transactions on the Binance exchange – buy or sell currency, as well as pay for services and goods in European stores.

– Refugees who have been vetted by local nonprofits and applied for Binance Refugee cryptocurrency cards will receive 75 BUSDs, equivalent to $ 75 per month for three months. The cryptocurrency BUSD will be automatically converted into local currency when paying by card, the statement said.

To get a card, you need to register at Binance – you need to do it at the Ukrainian address. Registration and receipt of the card is free.

Ukrainians will also have to pass a standard KYC identity test, which is necessary for banks and finance companies to work.

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