Block: confidence in bitcoin depends on the level of knowledge about cryptocurrencies

Researchers from Block stated that there is a direct correlation between the likelihood of a purchase and the level of awareness of digital assets.

They surveyed 9,500 respondents from North America, Europe and the Middle East, as well as countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

41% of those who called their knowledge of cryptocurrencies sufficient stated that they were highly likely to buy bitcoin in the next 12 months. Among those who assessed their level as insufficient, there were only 7.9%.

Experts have identified the greatest interest in digital assets in Nigeria, India, Vietnam and Argentina.
Data: block.

Among the reasons for not being ready to buy bitcoin, respondents named the lack of the necessary education (51%), fears of potential theft (32%) and high volatility (30%).

Respondents from countries with relatively low income consider the first cryptocurrency as a means of payment or for use in transfers (40%).

In countries with higher incomes, half of the participants in the study consider bitcoin as an opportunity to earn money, 30% – as an opportunity to diversify their investment portfolio.

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