CAB case against Lieutenant Ross Browning of Kinahan Cartel to be heard in October

Lieutenant Ross Brown of the Kinahan Cartel faces a High Court hearing in October because the Criminal Assets Bureau wants him to loot his property.

There is a hearing today in the case, which first started in July 2020 and may take up to two days in court.

The court previously heard that Browning wanted to add a new party to the lawsuit to sell his grandfather’s property, “Mr. Conway,” who died in March 2018.

The hearing revealed that Mr. Conway’s estate was intended to bequeath to his daughter, Julie Conway, mother of Ross Browning.

The CAB wants to snatch him from his estate, which includes a 3-acre private property in Garistown, County Dublin, where he has built a paddock and a riding arena.

The lawsuit against Browning, who failed to appear at this week’s hearing, also included two separate homes and locations in Rush, North Co Dublin.

Fitness Fanatic Browning poses as the owner of a general gym, where he grew up maintaining an address in a flat on Hardwick Street.

He followed a spiritual guru, Dr. Robert O’Yong, and lived a Jane Vegan life, and even attended RTE’s Fittest Family Show in 2016, which was canceled.

For years, a key target of both the CAB and the GARDA Drugs and Organized Crime Bureau, Browning is suspected of being one of the oldest members of the Kinnahan cartel in Ireland.

The lawsuit against Browning is part of an ongoing effort to bring down the Kinnahan, where five people, including Daniel and his father Christie, have recently been placed on a U.S. sanctions list.

It was also revealed that 600 people associated with Kinnahan, including many from the professional boxing world, would be denied entry to the United States.

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