Cabinet approves development of National Maternity Hospital on St. Vincent campus

Cabinet has approved the new National Maternity Hospital being developed on the campus of St Vincent’s Hospital.

The decision on the hospital had been delayed by a few weeks due to concerns about the Church’s potential influence on procedures conducted at the facility.

However, the government has ruled that the new hospital’s contracts and constitution will allow all legally permitted procedures to be carried out by doctors and nurses working at the new site

The controversial term “clinically appropriate” will remain in the constitution of the new National Maternity Hospital, but a government memo says it refers to legally permissible procedures.

The cabinet memo states that clinically reasonable procedures include all legally permissible procedures in the areas of maternity, obstetrics, gynecology and gender reassignment.

However, interventions such as cardiac or orthopedic operations are not allowed in the new hospital.

The cabinet memo also commits to establishing a center of excellence on women’s health, which will advise the government on women’s health issues.

The National Clinical Director of the new national women’s and infant health program will be asked to submit a proposal for the establishment of the centre.

Tourism Secretary Catherine Martin has campaigned for such a center and discussed the proposal with Health Secretary Stephen Donnelly last week.
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Source: independent

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