Collaborators are going to “attach” the Kherson region to the Russian Federation next year and with a referendum

The so-called authorities of the Kherson military-civilian administration, appointed by the occupiers, announced that they were going to “annex” the Kherson region to Russia next year, and for this, a “referendum” would probably have to be held.

Source: collaborator Kirill Stremousov at Reuters

Details: In response to a question from Reuters, Stremousov replied that the “accession” would not take place at least until the fall, and now the first task of the collaborators is to “put things in order in the Kherson region.”

Earlier, Stremousov said that Russian President Vladimir Putin would ask to include the Kherson region in Russia without a referendum. Now Stremousov said that “we will announce later when a vote is planned,” but “it won’t be today and it won’t be tomorrow.”

Recall: The Kremlin said that the annexation of the occupied Kherson region should take place “legitimately, as it was with the Crimea.”

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