Cost of living and pensions of non-working pensioners will increase by 10% from June 1, the minimum wage will increase by 10% from July 1 – Putin (updated version)

The living wage will increase by 10% from June 1, and the minimum wage from July 1, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“From June 1 of this year, the living wage will also increase by 10%. On average, it will amount to 12,919 rubles across the country,” Putin said during a meeting of the State Council Presidium. He added that this measure will lead to an increase in the amount of benefits and payments, which will be an additional help for many families with children.

“From July 1 this year, the minimum wage will be raised by 10% to 15,278 rubles a month,” Putin said.

He noted that it is important to consistently pursue a policy of outpacing wage growth relative to an increase in the cost of housing.

“Our main task is to ensure a further increase in the minimum wage so that the level of income of citizens significantly exceeds the subsistence minimum,” the Russian president said.

Pensions of non-working pensioners

In addition, as the president said, from June 1, 2022, the pensions of non-working pensioners will increase by 10%. “I propose to increase the amount of pensions for non-working pensioners by 10% from June 1 of this year, taking into account the legislation,” Putin said.

He recalled that from January 1 this year. insurance pensions for non-working pensioners have already been indexed by 8.6%.

“Thus, their pensions will increase by 19.5% compared to last year. This is higher than the inflation rate,” Putin said.


Putin also noted the decline in unemployment in the country. “Thank God, our unemployment rate is not growing. In my opinion, it has even become a little lower. Unemployment is four percent. To be honest, we did not predict. We proceeded from the fact that even a surge in unemployment is possible. And it is declining. and analyze what is happening in the most careful way. Support this trend,” the president said.

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