“Covid-19 has not disappeared, but has become seasonal”: expert on coronavirus in Ukraine

the Cabinet of Ministers extended the quarantine from May 31 to August 31, 2022 to prevent the spread of Covid-19 coronavirus infection. Ivan Soroka, President of the Ukrainian Medical Club, spoke on Ukrainian Radio about the disappearance of the code in Ukraine and the world and the situation with vaccination.

Galina Babiy

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5-10% of patients in hospitals are treated with Covid-19

The number of patients with coronavirus disease in Ukraine has decreased, which is a positive result. Currently, no more than 5-10% of patients in hospitals are patients with coronavirus. Unfortunately, Covid-19 has not disappeared, but it has become a more seasonal disease. It is worth noting that the number of people communicating with each other has decreased. Serious mass events in Ukraine are not held because of the war and people communicate less.

The number of patients’ appeals to family doctors, pediatricians and therapists has decreased. This is due to the fact that a large number of women doctors have gone abroad and the availability of primary care has decreased, so often a patient with a viral infection does not seek medical attention.

If large laboratories at the peak of the pandemic performed approximately 1,500 PCR tests on Covid-19, now they do the same number of tests per month. People are more likely to apply for testing to go abroad.

If you pass 100 tests for coronavirus, then somewhere between 7-10 patients are detected. Therefore, coronavirus infection should be treated with caution.

About vaccination in Ukraine

Quite an active vaccination campaign against Covid-19 has led to the fact that even if Ukrainians get sick, they carry the infection in a mild form.

The vaccination system in Ukraine is being restored, we have already started to restore the field teams. We also vaccinate in primary health care centers. Those who are about to vaccinate should think about their health and get vaccinated.

About Covid-19 in the world

The world has started talking less about the coronavirus, but it depends on the region. If you take Asia, in particular China, even today large cities with a population of millions are closed for quarantine, and people who come from the United States and the European region are taken very seriously. Tourists are quarantined upon arrival.

Chinese epidemiologists are very serious about this infection and want to completely eliminate patients from the virus in their territories. China has very strict restrictions and severe quarantine measures.

In Europe, given the almost 100% vaccination of the population against coronavirus (somewhere 80-95%), we can talk about creating a certain level of collective immunity.

About monkeypox

Monkeypox is a serious disease. People who were vaccinated against smallpox before 1980-1982 can be expected to have cross-immunity. To get infected, you need to have very close contact, these are often related infections. The infectivity of monkeys is much lower than that of coronavirus.

In Ukraine, the risk of viral hepatitis, intestinal infections, cholera is much higher than that of monkeypox. I urge you to adhere to the anti-epidemic regime, be sure to wash your hands, monitor food consumption, clean water sources. Fighting intestinal infections, their prevention should be a very serious matter in Ukraine.

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