Dennis Welch falls in love with his famous kiss to Michael Le Vell of Coronation Street

Loose Women star Dennis Welch played Natalie Barnes, the female lead in Corey from 1997 to 2000, during which time she moved Kevin Webster away from Sally, with whom he was married at the time.

Loose women panelist Dennis Welch appeared to ridicule his former Coronation Street co-star Michael Le Vell for his famous ITV nod.

The 64-year-old played Natalie Barnes, the fat girl in Corey from 1997 to 2000, where she took Kevin Webster away from Sally, whom he then married.

Their affair with Dennis’ character nickname ‘Nasful’ was considered very scandalous by the viewers at that time.

Ruth Langsford teased an upcoming discussion about kissing partners in front of their children when a clip of Dennis’ character Natalie kissing on the ITV show was aired on the ITV show.

This comes after Courtney Kardashian’s children portrayed their mother begging for a kiss from French co-star Travis Barker.

“It starts with a kiss, but can you do it in front of your kids?” Ruth asked when a clip of the Corey couple embracing was circulated in a hotel room.

“Later, we’ll talk about showing affection in public,” Ruth continued. “And the famous couple was warned by their kids not to kiss French in front of them! And spoiler warnings – it wasn’t Dennis and Kevin Webster who were there.”

When colleague Judy Love laughs, Dennis cries as Ruth adds: “There’s a nice old man there, isn’t there?”

“Not really, it’s true,” Dennis replied intelligently. “I’ll tell you.”

“Oh, all right,” replied Ruth. “That’s for another day!”

Later on in the show, the audience fell silent as Shawn Paul appeared on the show and even danced with the panelists.

Judy Love joined the ITV show about seven months after dancing on her 2003 track Get BG with Partner Graziano de Prima on Strictly.

The Jamaican rapper then recorded a message to Judy, which was broadcast on a BBC dance program after hearing about the dance.

Speaking openly about how he discovered Judy’s dance, he told the board: “People started sending it to my phone [and it spread …]. ”

“It was amazing,” he added. “He’s Jamaican so I said ‘yes!'”

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