Depreciation of equipment in the Russian food industry is 59%, the industry is highly dependent on imports, experts note

The equipment of the food and processing industry of the Russian Federation is worn out by 59%, the industry is highly dependent on imported machines and mechanisms, according to the presentation of the Moscow State University of Food Production (MGUPP) at the business forum “Food Industry and Medicine. Response to New Challenges in Technological Isolation” , which took place on Wednesday in Moscow. The National Engineering Center for Food Systems, created by MGUPP, can help replace them with domestic counterparts.

As the rector of MGUPP, Professor Mikhail Balykhin, said at the forum, the industry is facing serious challenges. “We are quite dependent on imports of equipment, largely dependent on ingredients and technologies,” he said. In the beverage industry, the share of imported equipment, for example, is about 73%. “90% of the industry depends on imports related to software,” – he said.

MGUPP conducted an analysis of the state of equipment in industries producing basic food ration products. Its result, according to the presented slides, showed that in the production of oil and fat products, the wear of equipment is 86%, the share of imported equipment is 95%, in dairy – 73% and 89%, respectively, in meat – 78% and 95%, in sugar – 82% and 92%, in the bakery – 73% and 78%, in the fish – 74% and 85%, respectively.

According to Balykhin, to solve this problem and reduce dependence on imports, the National Engineering Center for Food Systems was created at the university, which, in particular, will create new equipment and technologies, as well as “adapting foreign-made technologies to domestic realities.”

In addition, it is planned to create a single platform of federal databases of the best available technologies to ensure the smooth operation of the food industry.

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