Dodon’s party threatens the government to resign although there is not enough votes

The Moldova Socialists Party, previously headed by pro -Russian expatriate Igor Dodon, stated that she initiated a vote of distrust of the government – although he has not enough votes to resign.

According to “European Truth”, Newsmaker reports.

After their assembly on June 4, the Socialists stated that they would demand the resignation of Natalia Gavrilitsa government, because the ruling party “allowed a complete failure” in all spheres of life of the country.
Investigators came to the office of the arrested Dodon party: confiscate documents

They also called the political case about Igor Dodon abuse.

“The Republican Council of PSRM is convinced that the unlawful acts on Igor Dodon are the incumbent President May Sandu,” the party said.

The deputy of the government can priced a vote of distrust of the government. For this, the socialists have enough votes – together with the Communists they have 32 mandates, but they will not be able to declare distrust of the government: at least 51 votes are required for this. The Shore Party, which could potentially support them, has only six seats, and “Action and Solidarity” Mia Sandu – 63.

We will remind, on May 24, the anti -corruption bodies and the Security Service came with searches at the home of the Expature, Honorary Head of the Socialists Party Igor Dodon in the case of passive corruption, illegal enrichment, betrayal and financing of the political party with a criminal organization. He found a considerable amount of cash, precious utensils and chess from precious materials, as well as checks that testify to the very rich way of life of the Dodon family.

On May 26, the court approved the decision on a precautionary measure in the form of house arrest for 30 days. The prosecutor’s office and lawyers challenged the decisions, demanding to strengthen or weaken the measure of restraint, but the Court of Appeal left the decision on house arrest without changes.

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