Drivers need to be careful: a new car scam has been exposed in Ukraine

A new fuel scam has appeared in Ukraine. Because of this, the well-known network of gas stations urges not to buy fuel through intermediaries, writes AmperCar.

Yes, the WOG filling stations network states that it has nothing to do with the distribution of PRIDE accounts with already purchased fuel.

“We grant the right to individual registration in our PRIDE loyalty program,” the statement said.

The network also does not sell fuel coupons and cards through telegram channels, viber groups, TikTok pages and other social networks with payment for private bank cards.

“Do not contact unofficial fuel sellers, and check any information through our website,” the company said.

Experts say that a person who turns to unofficial fuel sellers to buy company fuel coupons, credits liters or funds for the application, assumes all the risks that arise in connection with these transactions.

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