Dublin shows style to win the Leinster Minor Football Championship title 2022 (latest Update)

A strong and fast team from Dublin turned the Leicester Minor Football Final in Portlawes into its head in the second half, finally highlighting the deserving winners.

The Kildars minor could follow in the footsteps of their U20 team and could not beat Dublin in a Leinster final at the same venue as they took a 5-0, 4-0 lead at half time, despite playing against strong winds but it was a different game in the second half.

Dave Reynolds introduced Charlie McMurray and Clyde Burke at halftime and the latter was particularly great and unfortunate for not being able to add a goal to his two points on multiple occasions.

After Joey Cunningham scored in the opening point of the game, Dublin took control of the game and went 3-0 to 1-0.

However, in the last ten minutes before halftime, Kildar took control of the game and beat Dublin 4-0 1-0, with Killian Brown scoring all points, including a great performance.

From the first ball of the second half, Dublin looked the other way and they got a big boost when quick corner defender Ryan Mitchell scored in the 34th minute.

Dublin really had a chance to finish the game in the middle of the second half but they could not shake Kildare completely, although Burke and Reynolds raised their hands with flags.

With four points between the teams, Dublin goalkeeper David Leonard was denied a half-hearted request for a penalty by Kildar during Eoin Cooley’s clash.

It seemed more spicy to Dublin and they quickly finished the game 1-2, their goal coming from Luke O’Boyle in the 58th minute.

This is a kind of revenge for Dublin after losing to Kildar in the U20 final. The counties meet in the third of the Leinster Final Trilogy when the teams face off on Saturday weekend.

Dublin: De Leonard; E. Brady, D. McCarthy, R. Mitchell 1-0; J. Brady, D. Lucy, T. Deering; D. Clark, N. Fitzgerald; P. Reynolds-Hand 0-3 (2fs), J. McCarville, L. O’boyle 1-1; J Quigley 0-3 (2fs), C Donovan, D Mulqueen. Subtitles: c. Burke 0-2 for McCarville, h / t; C. McMurray 0-1, h / t for Fitzgerald; J. Smith, 48, for J. Brady; C Ó Riáin for Quigley, 60; Mularki S for Mulquin, 60 + 2.

Kilder: F. Queen; N. Kramer, E. Lawler, B. Ryan; J. McGuirk, J. Harris, J. Cunningham 0-1; And Sinky, and Rainey; E Cully, B Loakman, C O’Reilly; TJ Nolan, K Brown 0-7 (5fs, 1’45), T Kelly. Subtitles: C Geraghty for Loakman, 42; C. Kelly for O’Reilly, 46; DJ Percival for Nolan, 52; E. O’Brien for Cunningham, 58; J. Hanami for Cooley, 60.

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