Lola from East Enders receives devastating news about Isaac a few weeks after his sudden death

East End publishers have confirmed that Lola Pierce will be heartbroken on BBC Radio next week when she learns the big news about boyfriend Isaac Baptist.

EastEnders will have a heartbreaking broadcast for Lola Pierce next week, as she may have heard some sad news on the BBC.

She found out some big news about her boyfriend Isaac Baptist, publishers confirmed, a few weeks after her sudden departure.

Isaac left Walford with the intention of returning soon after, when actor Stevie Basaula left the role earlier this year.

In March, footage showed the character learning disturbing news about his mother, Sherry, who decided to leave Walford to help him.

Sherry had previously moved to Trinidad and wanted her son to accompany her but she refused, instead staying in Walford with her girlfriend Lola and her father Patrick Truman.

About a month ago, Isaac was told that his mother had a heart attack and she wanted him to visit her and help her recover.

Although some residents expressed doubts about Sherry’s health claims, after her past behavior, Isaac said she needed to be with him to make sure he was OK.

Lola is devastated, believing it’s the end of their romance, but she insists it’s not.

As he prepares to leave Walford, he tells Lola that he will be back soon and will be in Albert Square in the future.

A few weeks later, and his plans seem to have changed.

Lola finds out next week that Isaac is not coming back and that she is ending their romance.

Not only that, he finds out that his partner has also met someone else, and left him annoyed.

When Lola is released from the news, she quickly attacks her friends – but is she OK?

Actor Stevie confirmed his departure earlier this year, saying: “What a dream come true! Grateful for spending more than two years on one of the biggest shows in the country, nothing equal.

“Thank you for what you have given me. I have learned so much in my time and I am proud to be able to make friends and memories with some important work in hand. Which I will cherish for a long time.

“EastEnders was an essential part of my growth as a young man and as an actor and now I’m excited and ready to explore this next chapter of my career.” Mine. “

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