EastEnders fans ‘sick’ as Lewis closes with Ben over horrifying rape plot

EastEnders fans were sickened when Ben cheated on Callum with Lewis, as the bartender took control of Ben and got closer to him before the horrifying rape plot

EastEnders fans were left speechless when Ben Mitchell was manipulated by Lewis in the face of a horrifying rape plot.

The BBC One soap is set to air a tragic backstory for Ben (Max Bowden) as bartender Lewis takes advantage of him and manipulates him right under Callum’s nose, leaving him heartbroken.

In tonight’s episode, the pair kissed as Callum watched in horror and fans were left devastated by the scenes, especially when they knew what was coming – a terrifying rape plot for Ben.

Fans of the show took to Twitter to share their devastation over tonight’s scenes.

“I love Ben because I understand the complexities of his personality, however let’s not justify the kiss that Lewis initiated it, however Ben kissed back. #EastEnders #Ballum,” one person said. fan writes.

As another added: “Upcoming plot aside – right now I don’t feel sorry for Ben. Right now I really believe Callum can do and deserves better. His gaze hurts. to witness that kiss just hurts to watch. #EastEnders. ”

The rest of the people are mad at Ben for what he’s done.

“Yes, I understand Ben was drunk but his injured Callum didn’t give orders #EastEnders #Ballum,” wrote one fan, while another added: “Ben is trash. Not a fan of Callum either but I feel sorry for him when I see that #eastenders. ”

One viewer shared: “I feel so sorry for Callum, I just want to hug him tight. #EastEnders. ”

Max has previously revealed about the difficult plot.

“Along with some great charities and some very inspiring UK male sexual assault survivors, I think we’ve been able to really put the word out. explain as honestly as we can and I hope we can raise awareness and understanding on a topic that is rarely covered up,” he said of the plot’s importance.

BBC continuing drama head Kate Oates added: “Ben finds Lewis attractive and thinks of him as someone who can understand him the way Callum does not; but that trust has been abused used when Lewis crossed the line and raped Ben.

“Through this story, we hope to explore issues of consent, sexual identity, masculinity, and sexual assault, focusing on how this fateful night impacted Ben. and those who love him in the coming months.”

* If you are a victim of sexual assault, you can access help and resources through www.rapecrisis.org.uk or call the national telephone helpline at 0808 802 9999


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