Emmerdale fans share ‘first of its kind’ thrilling stunt episode

Emmerdale fans were divided as they tuned in to see the thrilling stunt episode of the ITV drama, described as ‘the first of its kind’ on the show.

Emmerdale: Cain tries to get out of car after collision

Emmerdale fans were divided as they watched the series’ thrilling stunt episode.

Cain Dingle and Chas Dingle were caught up in a horrific car crash tonight, as they both chased Cain’s arch-nemesis Al. When they realized Al had turned off the main road, Cain attempted to brake and ended up rolling over.

Both people were injured in the horrific collision, but things only threatened to get worse when the power pole they hit looked like it was about to topple over.

The door was stuck and both of them were trapped in fear for their lives.

After seeing what happened, Al rushed to the car and for a moment debated whether he should help them. As they approached, Cain begged Al to help his sister get to safety, and he was able to open the door for her.

With the threat of the tower toppled, Chas rushes to the main road for help while Al vows to free his foe from the car and give him a book to bite as he moves his foot. his injured.

Screaming, Cain is now free and the two go to the hospital for treatment.

Some fans who watched the show were shocked by how amazing the stunt was.

“What the hell is this? Cruel stunt work! @emmerdale @HordleyJeff @lucyparge“, one person wrote.

The second added: “Woah it’s a stunt that’s never been done before #Emmerdale“, while others showed less concern as a third shared: “As the stunts unfold, it’s probably one of the weakest things Emmerdale has done since the CGI barn blast. ”

“So nobody died and that wasn’t the biggest stunt ever teased? We rushed in as top killers… #Emmerdale“, a fourth added.

The previous stunt was described by producer Laura Shaw as “terrifying”.

“We also used some new cinematography for one of the stunts, which makes you feel like you’re right in the middle of the action and I can tell you it’s absolutely terrifying! again, I don’t think we’ve done it on Emmerdale before so it’s really amazing to see an incredibly talented team do new and exciting things and make the show look great. absolutely amazing,” she said.


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