Eddie Hearn during the GMB’s furious clash with campaigners calling for a ban on boxing

Eddie Horn and Peter McCabe join Good Morning Britain with Kate Garaway and Ben Shepherd as they debate the dangers of boxing.

Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn was involved in a head-on collision with a Good Morning Britain head injury campaigner as they debated how healthy the sport was for children.

Joining GMB hosts Kate Garaway and Ben Shepherd, Eddie talks about the amazing positive aspects of boxing and how it helps motivate young people to fight in a healthy way. .

But things got really heated when headway preacher Peter McCabe explained the dangers of the game and the potential for head injuries.

When Eddie started to interrupt, Peter realized that he was talking to her.

“It disturbs me the idea that the only way for working class boys to get ahead is to go boxing,” Peter said.

“And someone who grew up on council land in one of the most deprived areas of the country has a lot of sports that teach discipline and encourage kids to exercise, work and get involved. Hope

“And these games don’t involve hitting anyone and punching someone in the head.”

He added: “The ultimate way to win a boxing match is to stun your opponent …”

The pair clash when Eddie announces that he will interrupt Peter

“It’s innocent,” Eddie interrupted, forcing Peter to smoke: “I didn’t interrupt you.”

Eddie countered: “Well, I’ll stop you. You are not educated as a boxer, you can do anything for your opponent as a boxer. ”

Peter tried to respond when he said, “You knock someone out … please let me finish. The ultimate victory in a boxing match is when you knock someone out and the referee counts 10. And that person gets hurt. They may ‘Don’t get up’.

As the pair continued to clash, Peter sighed again: “You stopped me again.”

Host Ben said: “This is the best ding dong on our show and it doesn’t even have a ring.”

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