Edifier H180 Plus released wire headphones

Edifier is a Beijing electronics company in the industry, which is mainly known for its experience in audio electronics, such as column, headsets, and headphones.

Last week, the brand announced Edifier H180 Plus-a couple of new USB-C wire headphones that are not only accessible but also worthy of specifications.

Like the newer wire headphones, Edifier H180 Plus connects to your device through USB-C, and with regard to the durability of wire, the company states that Edifier H180 Plus is durable with a very flexible polycarbonate coating that allows resistant to scratches, intake and wear. In turn, you can enjoy your music without any problems.
Edifier H180 Plus released wire headphones

However, what surprises in these headphones is the quality of sound. These accessible headphones officially received the Hi-res Audio gold seal, which means that sound quality is undoubtedly above its weight category.

The Edifier marketing material mentions that this is achieved with the help of reasonable audio engineering of the company. Edifier H180 Plus is equipped with a 14mm audio driver, which allows the frequency range to be used from 20 Hz to 40 kHz, and the capacity is 100% higher than that of competing wire headphones on the market.

In addition, Edifier H180 Plus software is also quite diverse. It is equipped with 4 built -in soundtrack profiles for your musical needs, which are respectively: standard, pop, classic and rock. They also say that the built -in microphone provides high quality audio recording opportunities.
Edifier H180 Plus released wire headphones

The microphone is located on the control panel, which is located on the underside of the right headphone. And the controls are physical, so you can easily press the power button, increase or decrease the volume for immediate feedback and control.

Edifier H180 Plus comes in two colors – black and white. Today it will go on sale in China at an official retail price of 69 yuan ($ 11).

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