Eight smartphones have been named to replace the iPhone

For many years, the iPhone was considered the ideal phone because it has good performance, gives the owner status and never goes out of style. The only downside is its price, which increases sharply with the release of each new model. The market for phones in today’s world is large, and it already has a large number of accessories that can compete with the iPhone. The list of smartphone data looks like this:

1. HUAWEI P smart. It has a good battery, has a quick charge function, 4 cameras that have good quality for both day and night shooting. It also has a built-in 512GB memory and a fingerprint identification feature.

2. Honor 10i. It has a memory card slot, a powerful battery that holds a charge for 19 hours of continuous talk time, as well as fingerprint and face IDs. The camera has a great macro mode, and the back panel of the phone has a gradient color that makes it really stylish.

3. Google Pixel 5. It has two sim-cards – material and electronic, has a powerful processor and a screen of 6 inches and a resolution of 1080p, which makes it suitable for any game. In addition, this smartphone has a built-in wireless charging function, and the special glass screen is resistant to scratches.

4. OPPO A53. Excellent compactness and original design – this is what attracts this device from the outside. Inside it has a powerful battery, a memory card slot, 3 main and 1 front camera. The fingerprint recognition sensor on the back panel is an additional convenient feature of the smartphone.

5. Samsung Galaxy S10 +. The 8-core processor and 8 GB of RAM are the main feature of this smartphone, which provides support for maximum performance in demanding applications and video games. Coupled with the function of fast and wireless charging, as well as a powerful battery, this device will perform all the necessary work.

6. ZTE Blade V2020 Smart. The good aspect ratio allows the screen to occupy the entire front panel, making it very wide. The slim plastic case makes the phone as stylish and comfortable as possible.

7. Xiaomi POCO X3 NFC. The main advantages of this device are a powerful processor and a camera that allows you to take good photos. Overheat protection is another useful feature of the smartphone that will allow its owner to extend its life.

8. ASUS ZenFone 7 Pro. The camera allows you to take quality panoramic shots and supports triple optical zoom. An additional memory card slot with a capacity of up to 2048 GB will allow the owner to store large amounts of information on the smartphone, install many applications and take many photos.

The above rating is only part of a quality alternative to the expensive iPhone. Every year the number of devices on the Android operating system increases many times, unlike the iPhone, which undermines the competitiveness of the latter.

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