The global smartwatch market continues to grow steadily

Counterpoint Technology Market Research has summed up the results of a study of the global smartwatch market in the first quarter of this year. The industry is now showing double-digit growth for the fifth consecutive quarter.

Shipments year on year rose by 13%. Apple remains the undisputed market leader with a share of 36.1%: the supply of smart watches from this company jumped by 14%.

Samsung is in second place. The share of the South Korean giant is 10.1%, and sales compared to the first quarter of last year increased by an impressive 46%. This is explained, in particular, by the high popularity of devices of the Galaxy Watch 4 family.

Huawei closes the top three with a score of 7.2%, but the company’s sales remained virtually unchanged compared to last year. Next comes Xiaomi with 5.0% and a growth of 69%. Closes the top five Garmin with a share of approximately 4.3%.

Geographically, most regions recorded growth. However, in Europe, sales remained approximately at last year’s level.

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