Elon Musk’s Twitter deal is on the verge of collapse as billionaire warns of fake bot deal ‘can’t go ahead’

Elon Musk has expressed further doubts about his $ 44 billion deal to buy Twitter, as he wonders how many of its users are spambots.

In a tweet on Tuesday, billionaire Tesla Boss said purchases could not “proceed” unless CEO Parag Agarwal provided “proof” that less than five per cent of the accounts were fake.
Elon Musk has expressed further doubts about his deal to buy Twitter

Mask, 50, has publicly fallen out with Agarwal over the number of bot accounts on the platform.

He says he believes they are more than displaying the official numbers on Twitter.

This follows Musk’s revelation last week that his Twitter purchase would be “temporarily suspended” when he seeks further details about the fake account.

He later clarified that he was “still in favor of the acquisition.”

The fall of the company’s shares in confusion.

Spambot – an autonomous account that sends spam to a large number of users – something that Twitter is aware of.

In recent figures shared with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), it is estimated that less than five percent of daily active users are bots.

In multiple tweets on Sunday, Agarwal began a heated exchange with Mask over his spam concerns.

The chief executive claimed that internal estimates were actually “well below” the 5 per cent reported, adding that he did not think the number could be properly verified by a third party.

Musk responded to the tweet with a single pu emoji. He then asked how Twitter advertisers knew what they were getting for their money.

In a tweet on Tuesday, he responded by claiming that up to 20 percent of accounts could be forged.

“My offer was based on Twitter’s SEC filing being accurate,” Musk wrote.

Yesterday, the CEO of Twitter publicly refused to provide <5% proof. The deal can’t go ahead until he does. ”

At a technology conference in Miami on Monday, Musk estimated that at least 20 percent of Twitter’s 229 million accounts were spambots.

According to Bloomberg, he said the percentage is at the lower end of his estimate.

Also at the All-In Summit, Musk still gave the strongest indication that he would like to pay less for Twitter than his $ 44 billion offer last month.

He said an effective deal at a lower price was not out of the question.
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His recent comments support analysts’ theories that Mask is either going out of business or is targeting lower prices.

A massive fall in the price of Tesla stock is believed to have changed his heart, some of which he promised to finance the Twitter acquisition.

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