I am the richest child YouTube star in the world

The 10-year-old star is one of the platform’s top earners and enjoys a luxurious life with his family.

Born in Texas, Ryan may still be young – but his success began six years ago when his mother decided to create a YouTube channel for her son called Ryan’s Torreviews.

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An instant hit, Ryan sees his opinions and subscribers grow within a few months – and his mother boldly decides to quit her teaching job within a year to run the channel full time.

In 2015, he garnered over a billion views for a video where he unveiled a giant lightning McQueen egg.

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Ryan’s channel, now called Ryan’s World, continues to grow, and in 2017 his parents signed a deal with startup children’s media company PocketWatch.

By 2019, the pre-teen sensation was the focus of a 20-part TV series for pre-schoolers called Ryan’s Mystery Playdate.

That year, at just eight years old, he was voted YouTube’s highest paid star after racking up 24 million ( 20 million).

Ryan – the twin sister of Emma and Kate’s older brother – is also the star of two games published by Outright Games.

And a range of Ryan’s World products can be purchased from Amazon and from well-known US brands like Target – including branded toothbrushes and Ryan’s World Giant Mystery Egg.

As he grows older, Ryan expands his channel from toy reviews to posting family-friendly science videos and vlogs.

With viewers around the world, the young man can pocket up to $ 45,000 (£ 36,000) per video.

Ryan now has an impressive 32.5 million subscribers and shares pictures of his life on Instagram.

Snapshots posted by her parents to her 158,000 followers on the platform show her and her family enjoying traveling to theme parks, including Disney World.

He has been seen posing with celebrities, including former American footballer Aaron Donald, and toys from his huge collection.

Ryan joined the likes of Mr.Bist, Jake Paul and Dude Perfect to make the list of the top ten highest paid YouTube stars again last year.

He is also among the top ten richest YouTubers with a net worth of $ 32 million (£ 26 million).

Child star

But eight-year-old YouTube star Nastya surpassed him in revenue last year, earning 28 28 million (£ 23 million) last year for his videos about his family vacation, his best friend and lesson of responsibility.

The young Russian, whose real name is Anastasia Radjinskaya, is the world’s largest child YouTuber with 250 million subscribers.

Not only that, he has won eight YouTube Awards and has 428,000 followers on Instagram.

Another young man enjoying a luxurious lifestyle is nine-year-old Momfa Jr. – said to be the youngest billionaire in the world.

He became the owner of his first villa at the age of six and traveled the world in a private jet.

The influential teenager – real name Muhammad Awal Mustafa – is showing off his blingstick lifestyle to his 25,000 followers on Instagram.

A post shows him on the bonnet of a cream Bentley Flying Spar, which he says his father bought for him as his first car.
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In another, she poses in front of a red Lamborghini Aventador wearing designer clothes from head to toe. In the caption of the post, he wrote, “Happy Birthday to me.”

Other dazzling engines, including a yellow Ferrari, are parked outside his spacious luxury home in Dubai.
Ryan’s channel now has an impressive 32.5 million subscribers

Ryan with his mother Lone and father Shion

Eight-year-old YouTube star Anastasia Radjinskaya is one of the richest YouTubers in the world.

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