Emotional Allison Hammond has branded Boris Johnson ‘out of order’ to Partigate.

This morning Alison Hammond told Boris Johnson that she had violated the “in our face” rule and was outraged to do so in front of everyone.

Ballis Johnson has been branded ‘out of order’ by Alison Hammond Partigate.

Alison Hammond slammed Boris Johnson this morning, calling him “out of order” in the Partigate scandal.

The Mirror was told on Thursday that the prime minister had been told by Met police that he would be the subject of a limited investigation as part of a four-month investigation.

Mr Johnson escaped further party fines after the Metropolitan Police announced Thursday that they had finally completed their investigation into the lockdown rally.

Joining Kate Quilton and Giles Brandreth, Allison and co-host Dermat O’Leary discuss the news of the ITV Day show.

According to a survey conducted by Ipsos Mori, Kate noted that a majority of the public wants Mr. Johnson to resign.

“He’s going to ride the waves,” said Giles, a former Conservative MP. “I’ve been sitting here for months and watching people, sometimes foaming at the mouth – these people who don’t like Boris, yes, don’t really like him. They think the whole thing is an absolute scandal.

“They’re just saying that – they were there – they couldn’t meet the dead relatives at the hospital and there they were partying on Downing Street – ‘It’s rude, he’s made rules, he’s broken rules, he should go!’

“But what actually happened is that he paid a fine – a fine – and the police stopped their investigation. This is going to be a report from an officer where he is going to whip some people. He hasn’t named it yet, or been able to name it… then we’ll move on. ”

Allison didn’t seem too impressed because she said passionately: “The thing is, it’s not just fine, is it? It’s true that we celebrated when we weren’t allowed to, we didn’t see our family and friends and he’s there.” , Under our noses, doing it in front of everyone.

“It’s broken!”

“Of course,” Kate agreed. “And it’s not just partying. We all know people who have had to say goodbye to their loved ones by zooming in. It’s time for her to leave because we’re in that cycle now, if anything happens it will always come to the fore.”

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