Experts are giving advice on how to protect your dog during light rain showers

Caroline Spencer, a canine behaviorist, shared tips this weekend on how to keep your pet calm and stress-free due to lightning strikes from Sahara Batter Britain.

The Met Office has predicted that the bloodshed in the UK could have a thunderstorm effect this weekend.

Loud noises and flashing during storms are often extremely frightening for pets and can cause stress, anxiety and unpredictability, potentially compromising their safety.

In addition to noise, pressure changes, dark skies and static energy can all contribute to an anxious environment.

From Canine Behaviorist, Caroline Spencer, Bella and Dukes, there are some things you can do to limit the amount of stress your dog has at this time.

Dogs experience changes in the atmosphere before the weather changes, which means they may develop anxiety before the storm starts.

Some of the symptoms to look for and notice when your hairy friend is feeling anxious are panting or hiding, panting and sneezing.

Their eyes can also be wide and they can hold their ears.

How can I calm my pet during a storm?

Caroline offers five simple, tried-and-true tips to keep your pets quiet on those loud nights ahead:

  1. Soothing sprays and chews – A soothing treatment like Calm and mild can help with anxiety, and a dog chew will help keep them engaged.
  2. Prepare in advance if you can – Desensitize your pet to thunderstorms year-round by playing thunderstorm sounds, starting quietly and gradually increasing the volume until your pet becomes more comfortable.
  3. close your curtains – Keeping the curtains closed will help deaden the noise and limit the sudden flashes of light.
  4. Provide a Safe Haven – Your pet might run to find a place to crawl and hide. So make sure it has a cozy, safe hiding place to retreat to.
  5. Be a quiet presence – Be there for them, hold them tight, show them not to worry, and use your calm presence to relieve their stress

Caroline added: “There are many aspects of thunderstorms that move our pets and it is important that we stay with them to see them through this situation.

“The goal is to stay calm and discouraged. It is very important to repeat how you react and feel during this time, which can have a huge impact on your puppy or dog’s response.

“If you expect a negative response, you’ll get one. Like anything, let’s be positive about anything new or different.

“Just because a friend’s dog, or your recent dog, has never reacted badly to a thunderstorm doesn’t mean that all the responses have been created equally. Just relax and accept it as it comes, without any preconceived notions.”

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