Employees of the crypto exchange Coinbase began to evaluate the work of colleagues with “likes” and “dislikes” – The Information

The system works in test mode and anonymously, everyone sees only their own scores.

Coinbase, the largest US crypto exchange, has distributed the Dot Collector application among employees in test mode, in which they must evaluate the work of colleagues using emoji fingers up, down, or in a neutral position. The Information writes about this, citing two sources.

“Likes” and “dislikes” are put after meetings, phone calls and other working communication. Employees should evaluate how well their peers align with Coinbase’s ten core values. Among them, for example, diligence and “positive energy”. The system is anonymous, you can only see your grades.

Two departments of Coinbase started using the Dot Collector as an experiment in the first quarter of 2022. Whether the system will be extended to all divisions is unknown.

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