Every car on my street has been given a £50 parking fine after the council repainted the markings without warning

One MUM was outraged when ‘every single car’ on her street was fined £50.

Tabitha Read, 33, said the sea of ​​yellow tickets surprised residents outside her Bristol home.
Tabitha Read with her daughter Lyla on Hinton Road

Tabitha Read with her daughter Lyla on Hinton RoadCredit: BPM
Neighbors were suddenly slapped with parking fines on Saturday

Neighbors were suddenly slapped with parking fines on SaturdayCredit: BPM

Parking is limited to two hours with no return within four hours, a rule that has existed on the street for seven years.

But motorists on Hinton Road have always gotten away with parking in front of their houses because the small cul-de-sac is mainly residential and there are no shops or food stalls.

So local residents were stunned as they stuck tickets to their cars after Saturday’s sudden and severe enforcement.

Tabitha called the shock a “ridiculous” move and claimed the parking stalls were repainted “without notice”.
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The mother has contested her ticket, but the Parkpalava has already caused “a massive headache”.

She has also written to her MP and Bristol City Council local councilors to ask them to remedy the situation.

Tabitha told Bristol Live: “This parking is causing me so much stress.

“I have a very young baby, so I can’t look for parking on other streets.

“I’m on maternity pay now too, so this penalty has really taken a toll on my already tight household budget.”
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She added: “For a street where most of the houses are apartments or shared apartments, this doesn’t meet the needs of residents who have to park in front of their house.

“In the whole time I’ve lived here this rule hasn’t been enforced and so residents use the whole street to park.

“The Council must have made £500 from this move.

“Doing it on a Saturday when people wouldn’t be going to work makes it seem even more cruel.”

A Bristol City Council spokesman said: “We recognize residents’ concerns about these fines and have been reviewing the situation to ensure they have been correctly issued.

“The restricted waiting parking restrictions on Hilton Road have been in place since 2015 and cover 7am to 6.30pm Monday to Saturday.

“No new restrictions have been introduced and recent line painting should ensure marked bays are visible.”
Parking signs limit cars on Hinton Road to two hours

Parking signs limit cars on Hinton Road to two hoursCredit: BPM


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