Ex-Apple engineer spoke about an important drawback of the first iPhone

The first iPhone was introduced 15 years ago. Since then, a lot has changed in the device – and not only in relation to iron. Few people remember that the first version of the future hit did not even have the usual options for copying and pasting text. Why this happened, a former employee of the company Ken Kosienda recently told reporters.

According to an engineer who joined Apple in 2001, when the first iPhone model was created, the development team spent a lot of time on the virtual keyboard and autocorrect system. Despite plans to introduce a useful feature, it simply did not have time to add to the operating system before the release. Work on it was completed much later.

Kocienda told reporters about the development process. He stated that he first came up with a software “magnifying glass” for the convenience of moving the cursor through the text, but he “jumped” between characters after the user removed his finger from the screen. Then the engineer also created a touch log function, thanks to which cursor movement became more predictable.

As a result of numerous improvements, the release of the copy / paste function took place only in 2009 with the release of the third revision of the mobile OS. Over time, as on other platforms, it has taken root as one of the basic functions of the operating system.

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