Ex-military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who became a refugee, spoke about the persecution of the SBU

Former serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (APU) Oleksiy told Izvestia correspondent Yaroslav Bogat how he refused to fight on the side of the Kyiv regime and fled to Russia in an attempt to save himself and his family from the persecution of Ukrainian special services and nationalists.

According to Aleksey, even before the start of Russia’s special military operation to protect Donbass, he served on a contract basis in the 36th Marine Brigade and was forced to endure inhuman treatment by commanders.

“They had such an attitude that they were everything, and we were nothing. We were like slaves to them. He was with us, he walked, he had a tattoo on the back of his head in the form of a German cross, the other had a T-shirt with a swastika, ”Aleksey shared.
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According to the ex-military, when he tried to quit on his own, they did not want to let him go. Then, tired of the rudeness of the leadership, Alexei went to the trick and did so in order to leave the army due to inconsistency with the service.

In order, the young man admitted, he had to come to the service drunk twice. The dismissal order came in early February, and he left for his homeland in the Lugansk region.

A couple of weeks later, the young man continued, a special operation and shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine began. As a result of one such shelling in his native village, more than ten houses were destroyed, and the same number of families were left homeless. Shrapnel wounds were received by several civilians, and Alexei himself was forced to flee to Russia.

On May 27, a serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Nikita Lazarenko, who is in Russian captivity, said that Ukrainian commanders write off those who died in the ranks of military personnel as deserters and missing people. Another captured, Ukrainian border guard Vladimir Huseynov, said that he and his colleagues were lured into the service by fraudulent means.

The day before, military expert Viktor Litovkin told Izvestia that after the defeat on the territory of the Azovstal plant in Mariupol, the morale of the Ukrainian troops was catastrophic – the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine lost their morale, and many realized that it was pointless to resist the Russian army. The Ukrainian army is also poorly supplied with food, the expert added.

Earlier that day, Ukrainian soldier Dmitry Chernov, who had surrendered, said that he did not support Nazi ideas, like many in the ranks of Ukrainian soldiers. In addition, the Ukrainian military noted that he was kept in good conditions in Russian captivity. The staff sergeant was even surprised that they addressed him as you.

Russia continues the special operation to protect the Donbass, the beginning of which President Vladimir Putin announced on February 24. The key goals of the Russian military are the denazification and demilitarization of the Kyiv regime. This is necessary to ensure the security of the Russian state and people, the Kremlin said.

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