Exclusive NEWS : Paedophile who abused kids as young as 13 back in jail after failed parole bid

Predators Mubarek Ali and his brother Ahdel were jailed in 2012 for abuse and child trafficking. Both were released but recalled to prison for violating the license and now Mubarek has lost his quest for freedom

A notorious Telford sex offender is back in his prison cell after losing a parole offer.

Mubarek Ali and his brother Ahdel were jailed in 2012 for molesting children as young as 13 and trafficking them across the country. Both were released, only to be recalled for violating the license. Mubarek, who was originally imprisoned for 14 years, was released in 2018 and was recalled to prison after just eight months.

A parole report on Mubarek, 38, said: “Evidence of Mr Ali’s progress and conduct in custody was presented. He had not completed accredited programs to address his abusive behavior and the panel could find no evidence that his level of risk relative to others had decreased.”

While Mubarek has lost a new application for parole, Ahdel, 34, could be free this summer if he also applies for parole. There was outrage when he was first released in late 2020 when he was halfway through his 18-year sentence.

Seven months later he was back in prison. Sources say he broke rules while using a mobile phone.

The brothers were arrested as part of Operation Chalice, which identified 100 potential child sex victims. The Sunday Mirror revealed in 2018 that the Telford child sexual exploitation scandal stretched back 40 years and had claimed as many as 1,000 victims.

A parole board spokesman confirmed that Mubarek would remain in prison and said of Ahdel: “The hearing has been referred to the parole board. A hearing is expected in late July, with a decision in August.”


Source: mirror

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