Exclusive: Smart Tricks to Save Money on Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Prime and Now TV Subscriptions

The cost of living crisis doesn’t mean we have to go backwards – we just have to think more intelligently

With the crisis of life weighing heavily on our minds, many of us are looking for places where we can save – and a clear place to start our TV subscriptions.

Streaming services like Netflix or Disney + don’t come cheap – but we don’t have to go without them, we just have to think smarter.

Which consumer expert? Here are some tips to help you get the most out of these entertainment providers without spending a fortune.

A simple suggestion is to share the subscription and share the cost among those who use it – some services that really provide it, such as Spotify’s twin plan.

Spending 13.99 per month, it will save £ 71.88 a year more than two separate subscriptions.

The streaming giant also boasts a premium family plan, allowing up to six users to receive a premium benefit of 16.99 per month – saving a full 515.40 per month. Five instead of six separate subscriptions.

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Elsewhere, the benefits of Amazon Prime can be shared with others in your home, halving the fee.

Another undeniable, but easy to ignore, is that you use no subscription rotation per month.

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves.

Why not choose fewer options and change them every month?

This process can be complicated for some people – but it is worth it, especially since Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Prime and Now TV all allow you to cancel your monthly subscription at any time without loss. Departure fee.

If you think ahead, you can determine the rotation when you know that your favorite shows are coming up on every platform.

For example, if you, like many others, have an annual Disney + and Netflix subscription for a monthly fee, it would cost you £ 227.76.

But instead, in phased months, you pay only 3 113.88 a year instead of six months on Disney + and six months on Netflix.

Another often undiscovered way is to get the most out of a free trial, which one?

These are powered by Spotify and YouTube Premium, as well as free options like All 4, ITV Hub, BBC iPlayer and My5.

Consumer recommendations can downgrade your plan if you don’t use the full service or don’t mind some of the ads.

Netflix’s recently announced plans to launch a cheap ad-supported subscription – which will probably go live later this year – could be a good option for those looking to cut costs.

What many may not know is that Netflix actually offers a basic plan where you can only watch it on one screen at a time.

This is 4 cheaper per month than a standard subscription, while Amazon Prime also offers the same basic subscription for শো 5.99 per month to stream Stream Show minus benefits. Prime Other.

And finally, if you really want to keep your streaming sites, which one? Suggest buying one year subscription at a time instead of paying a monthly fee.

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves.

Disney + costs £ 79.90 a year, £ 15.98 more than a monthly plan, while Amazon Prime costs এক 16.88 a year instead of paying £ 79 a month.

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