Family unable to visit local NHS dentist flies 6,000 miles to BRAZIL for check-up

Stuart Woodmansey, from Yorkshire, said he has not been able to get an appointment with an NHS dentist “for years” and claims his wife and son Jacob are unable to register with a local NHS dentist

A family who have not been able to see their local NHS dentist “for years” flew 6.00 miles to Brazil for a check-up instead.

Stuart Woodmansey, 43, and his wife Kedma, 41, were so fed up with not being able to visit a local dentist in recent years that the family decided to fly to Brazil — where it was cheaper to get private dental work, according to UNITED KINGDOM.

The family took their young son Jacob, 2, to Brazil, Kedma’s hometown of São Paulo, after angering at the lack of NHS dental appointments in their area.

Narrated Security Advisor Stuart of Market Weighton, East Yorks The sun : “I can’t get an appointment in our area, I’ve been trying for years.

“I have to go to Brazil when we vacation there.”

After deciding to see a dentist while on holiday, Stuart said the cost of the dentist is around £50 – which is cheaper than some private treatments in the UK.

Stuart added: “After you’ve paid for a flight – around £600-700 – the dentist in Brazil only charges around £50 per visit.

“It’s a lot cheaper than £1,000 for a private treatment here.”

The family’s next dental visit will be returning to Brazil after the last dental visit just before the pandemic.

It comes just days after it was revealed that more than 2,000 dentists had left the NHS – sparking a dental crisis in more than 20 areas of the country.

A report revealed that employee numbers hit a 10-year low, leaving millions of people struggling to get vital free dental care.

North Lincolnshire was the worst served area in England with 32 NHS dentists per 100,000 population.

The Association of Dental Groups report said shortages create areas where there is “almost no chance” of receiving routine care.

It adds: “Tooth deserts pose a serious risk.”

The number of NHS dentists fell to 21,544 in January from 23,733 in 2020, potentially leaving four million people without care.

Wendy Winter from Stockport was one of those who felt “betrayed” after more than 62 years in the same dental office. She received a letter from the Roe Lane dental practice informing her she was reducing her NHS obligations.

She said she was not notified at the same time as other patients and now her husband and two of their children have been put on the waiting list.

Wendy said, “I feel like my loyalty and bringing my family meant absolutely nothing. They want us to go this private route and I feel betrayed.”


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