Finnish customs officers confiscate euros from Russians at the border

Finnish customs on Thursday confirmed it would confiscate euros from Russian tourists returning home in line with European Union sanctions against Russia.

It is reported by “European truth” with reference to Yle.

On the eve of the Russian edition of “Fontanka” spoke about several cases of confiscation of cash while crossing the Finnish border with Russia from the Russians.

One of them said that the customs officers offered him to either hand over the seized money to anyone traveling to Finland, or leave it for storage at the checkpoint and pick it up when re-entering the country, since the storage period is not limited.
Finnish shops should stop selling sanctioned goods to Russians – Foreign Ministry explanation

Chief Customs Inspector Jarkko Keskinen confirms that cash from Russians is being confiscated at the border based on sanctions imposed by the EU on Russia over the war in Ukraine.

“The export of the official EU currency to Russia is prohibited by the sanctions regulations,” he notes, and at the same time adds that citizens of the Russian Federation do not have the opportunity to store money at the checkpoint.

Recall that back in March, the European Union banned the import of euro banknotes into Russia. The ban does not apply to the import into the Russian Federation of cash necessary to finance the work of embassies, consulates or representative offices of international organizations in the Russian Federation, but only those with diplomatic immunity.

At the end of July, Finnish Customs carried out just over 2,500 checks at border crossings in relation to persons traveling to Russia – about a hundred checks led to additional measures due to sanctions.

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