Five MIUI tweaks that will improve Xiaomi smartphones

There are many settings that you can perform in MIUI to improve the performance of your smartphone. Today’s list is pretty basic options.
End calls with the power button

Has it ever happened to you that there are a thousand and one obstacles before you hang up when you have finished talking? The smartphone freezes, the touch does not respond, or many other applications open. Activate the end call function with the power button that MIUI offers you.

Call settings

Go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Accessibility.
Go to the “Physical” tab.
Turn on the “Power button ends call” switch.

Yes, it’s that simple. Now every time you want to hang up, you just have to press the power button and voila, the problem is solved. This is a very simple tweak that will surely improve the performance of your Xiaomi.
Avoid Automatic Downloads of Updates

A very simple and effective setting is to disable automatic download of OS updates. Why? Because this feature is constantly looking for a new update, which consumes battery power.

Automatic download

Go to Settings > About phone.
Click on the icon of your MIUI version. It is located next to the device name and drive status.
Click on the three vertical dots in the top right corner.
Access update settings.
Clear the checkbox to automatically download.

After disabling, the search process will switch to manual mode. You can decide when to download system updates.
Get rid of the wallpaper carousel

Wallpaper Carousel is one of those apps that can look pretty, but it’s also a battery drainer. And sometimes it can also slow down the smartphone. To improve the performance of your Xiaomi, it is better to get rid of this application.

Wallpaper Carousel

Go to Settings > Apps > Manage Apps.
Find the Wallpaper Carousel app.
Click Remove.

If you’d rather disable the app, all you have to do is go to Settings > Lock Screen. Here, go to the wallpaper carousel section and turn off the master switch.
Disable RAM expansion

Is it advisable to disable RAM expansion? Well, the answer depends on how you use your smartphone. If you are a person who uses it mainly for gaming, it is better to disable the RAM expansion. This feature tends to interfere with gameplay in some cases, causing low framerates, slowdowns, and more.


Go to “Settings” > “Advanced Settings” > “Expand Memory”.
Deactivate the function switch.

Mute multimedia content when smartphone is in silent mode

Silent mode, unlike Do Not Disturb mode, is responsible for turning off all mobile notifications. However, multimedia sounds continue to work.

What if you turn on the Instagram story in a cafe, and the voice of the next speech of some blogger will sound at full volume. This is an awkward moment. Therefore, it is better to activate the multimedia mute function when the smartphone is in silent mode (MIUI 13):

Go to the “Sound and Vibration” section.
Scroll down to Silent.
Turn on the Mute Media in Silent Mode switch.

But this feature is not available on all Xiaomi smartphones. In this case, activate Do Not Disturb or lower the volume manually.

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