For more than half a month, more people arrive in Ukraine than leave

The flow to enter Ukraine through the western border for 16 consecutive days after May 9 exceeded the flow to exit, and the total net inflow to Ukraine over these days amounted to a record 120 thousand people.

Source: Interfax-Ukraine, citing State Border Service data

Details: The tendency to increase the number of citizens returning to Ukraine continues, the State Border Service states.

It is known that almost 35,000 people left Ukraine on May 25, compared with more than 32,000 the day before, while the number of arrivals in the country increased to 40,000 from 37,000 the day before.

According to the Polish border service, on May 25, 26.6 thousand entered Ukraine from the country, while the day before – 25.3 thousand. In the opposite direction, the flow amounted to 21.7 thousand compared to 21 thousand the day before.

In total, since the beginning of the war, 3.613 million people have entered Poland from Ukraine, while 1.584 million people have entered Ukraine from Poland.

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