For the first time, deer diving for food were filmed in Primorye

An unusual video with spotted deer diving into the lake was obtained by the staff of the Leopard Land National Park in Primorsky Krai. They claim that such a way of obtaining food by deer has never been described by world science. The corresponding footage was presented on the Park’s Telegram channel.

“The record holder among hoofed “divers” was a deer who survived under water for 18 seconds. In general, 11 cases of diving were recorded for males, and 17 for females. The time that the animals were under water varied from two seconds to 18, with an average of 8.7 seconds. Males spent an average of 7.2 seconds under water, females – 9.5 seconds, ”the experts said.

The video with deer divers was made using a camera trap installed near the lake. Deer are almost completely submerged under water for a long time in order to get hydrophytes from the bottom of the reservoir – aquatic plants rich in useful substances and minerals.

On June 15, specialists of the Interregional Public Organization (MROO) “Tiger Center” were handed over a cub of a rare Far Eastern forest cat, which was left without a mother. An adult cat died in an accident, the kitten was also injured. He is cared for by the specialists of the center.

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