France shows gun for “tank of the future”

The French concern Nexter presented a 140 mm Ascalon tank gun at the Eurosatory exhibition in Paris (France). The Franco-German tank of the future can get a promising gun, writes Defense24.

It is noted that Ascalon may become the main tool of the promising tank Main Ground Combat System (MGCS), which is working on Germany and France. The Enhanced Main Battle Tank (EMBT) can also get a new gun. The exhibition featured EMBT with a serial 120-millimeter cannon, which received new SHARD shells.

Ascalon is a demonstrator of technology. The tool is based on developments used in the FTMA project in the 1990s. Work on the prototype gun is scheduled to be completed in 2023. It is believed that the new weapon will be lighter than 120-millimeter guns.

The gun will receive sub-caliber ammunition with the optimal ratio of the length of the diameter of the tungsten core of the projectile. “This should lead to the ability to effectively fight the new generation of enemy tanks, such as the T-14” Armata “, at a distance of up to 5 kilometers,” – writes Defense24.

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