Free NFT has become one of the most expensive tokens in the world

Sales of the Goblintown NFT collection have grown by 355% in the last 7 days, and the project has topped the 24-hour chart of the most popular collections on OpenSea.

The collection was released only 9 days ago – on May 21 on the Ethereum blockchain. A total of 9,999 tokens were minted. One of the reasons why the project attracted the attention of the media and collectors is that NFT was minted absolutely free of charge, and later acquired significant real value and the price of them increased rapidly.

Goblintown sales since May 22 were $ 22.85 million. The most expensive NFT in the collection in the last seven days is Goblintown 8995, which recently sold for 69.42 airtime or 136 thousand dollars. Now it is on sale again, but for 350 ETN ($ 667,457).

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