Full digitalization: how to pay for electricity and transmit through YASNO

Ukraine is one of the most digitalized countries in Europe and continues to develop in this direction. From now on, not only Action can boast of convenient options, but also YASNO.

On the YASNO website, you can broadcast electricity meters and pay for the energy consumed while sitting at home over a cup of tea.

There are even different ways. For your convenience, you can stream impressions via a website, app, Viber chatbot, or call center.
Now they are also watching

The site currently works for three areas. Residents of Kyiv, Donetsk and Dnipropetrovsk oblasts can now broadcast electricity and pay online.

We have prepared for you a brief instruction on how to do it step by step in each version, so that you do not get confused.
YASNO website

The site has a special form with which you can submit impressions in minutes.

All you need:

visit the YASNO website;
choose your region from the three proposed ones;
provide your personal account and contact number.

If you do not know the personal account number, find it in the YASNO contact center at:

(044/067/066/093) 277-18-18 or send an email to: kyiv@yasno.com.ua

If you do not know your personal account, and impressions should be transferred immediately, you can use another option – Payment at.

You do not need to invent a new login and password to log in to your personal account. They remain the same as on the Kyiv Energy Services (CEP) website.

YASNO mobile application

It is convenient to simply install the application and not spend a lot of time each time on authorization, data entry and password selection.

The action is constantly updated. We tell you what new services are appearing in the program.

All you have to do is download this application to your phone, YASNO supports both Android and iOS.

After the program has successfully downloaded, you have to click on the Enter test button, fill in the fields and save the data.

Here you can pay the bill for electricity consumed without commission. The invoice will need to be sent to an e-mail or Viber, Telegram or

There is good news for loyal Viber fans – you can also broadcast shows via your favorite messenger.

How to join?

There are two options: scan the QR code at this link, or search for Viber YASNO-online in the Interesting section.

Good old contact center

If all this digitalization makes you doubt – no problem! There is an option to transfer impressions via a call to the operator.

Call this number: (044/067/066/093) 277-18-18.

The contact center is open daily from 9:00 to 18:00, without breaks.

And what to do if I own several apartments, houses?

There is also good news here, as it is possible to transfer impressions and pay for three personal accounts at once.

But what if there is no money to pay the bill? Many people lost their jobs due to the war, but the state has not forgotten about anyone. Read how to apply for unemployment status in Action and what help you can count on.

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