German Justice Minister: Merkel’s policy contributed to the outbreak of war in Ukraine

According to German Justice Minister Marco Buschmann, Angela Merkel’s policies after the annexation of Crimea largely led to the war in Ukraine.

This, according to “European Truth”, he said in an interview with Welt.

The minister spoke of structural parallels in the security situation in Europe today and in 1938.

“We are dealing with dictators who put forward territorial claims. And who count on the fact that Western democracies will leave them under pressure. Then it was believed that we were talking about Czechoslovakia. Also, many believed that we were talking about Crimea. Or then about Ukraine “But it’s not. Our whole value system is under attack here,” Bushman said.

According to him, nothing can be achieved by the policy of reconciliation.

“The dictator takes this only as an invitation. As far as we know today, the fact that we Germans pushed through the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline after the annexation of Crimea was our contribution to the outbreak of war in Ukraine,” Bushman said.

He also mentioned massive Russian destabilization operations in the Baltic countries.

“In the event of an attack on our NATO partners there, we would effectively become a party to an armed conflict because of NATO’s assistance obligations,” he said.


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