GlobalLogic: The country’s IT industry can provide $ 7 billion in export revenues in 2022

In 2022, the Ukrainian IT industry is able to reach last year’s figures and provide more than $ 7 billion in export revenues. In order for the IT industry to replicate or even surpass the success of 2021, it is necessary to ensure close cooperation between business and the state, organize a planned mobilization procedure and provide temporary travel of engineers abroad to retain customers. This was stated during a meeting of the IT Media Club by Andriy Yavorsky, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Technology at GlobalLogic.

According to the National Bank of Ukraine, in the first quarter of 2022, the IT industry provided a record $ 2 billion in export earnings during the war. Under the optimistic scenario, in 2022 the industry will reach last year’s figures.

“The IT industry is working to increase the country’s export earnings, but the outcome will depend not only on the course of hostilities and the performance of engineers’ duties. The industry needs a clear interaction with the state. If the situation develops optimistically, in 2022 the IT business will be able to bring about $ 7 billion, “said Andriy Yavorsky.

In order for the IT sector to achieve effective results in 2022, it is important to ensure that three key conditions are met:

Ensure close cooperation between business and the state. Centralized and fair conditions created in the dialogue between the state and business will allow industry to work effectively and replenish the state budget.

Organize the planned procedure for mobilization and booking of engineers. After all, the most efficient engineers are in their places – they create digital products for Ukrainian and foreign clients, fight on the cyber front, and engage in systematic volunteering. The result will be taxes, successes in cyber resistance, the creation of critical developments in medicine or telecommunications, in which Ukrainian engineers have strong expertise.

Provide specialists with the opportunity to temporarily go abroad to retain and attract new customers. The industry needs offline meetings with international customers. In addition, some clients need to carry out project tasks in areas where there is no fighting. Engineers need to go abroad to continue working with such projects. Of course, they remain in the jurisdiction of Ukraine.

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