Google Talk Messenger officially stops working

At the initial stage of service development, the developers regularly added new functions to Talk, but for the past few years the messenger was not popular.

The report on the platform support page says that Google turns the service and will no longer support it, including in the applications of third -party developers. Users who continue to use Talk are recommended to switch to Google Chat, another company messenger.

Recall that Talk appeared in 2005 and provided the opportunity to quickly exchange messages directly through the Gmail service. The service used the Extensible Messaging and Pressence Protocol (XMPP) protocol, so that over time, third -party customers appeared that can operate on the Talk network. Later, support for audio and video calls, as well as group chats, appeared in the messenger.

Talk service stopped in 2017, when Google decided to develop Hangouts, represented by the general public a few years earlier. In 2020, Hangouts Chat was renamed Google Chat.

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