Google Tasks is getting an important new feature

Google has added a new feature to its Google Tasks program. Tasks allow you to make reminders and create to-do lists, and Tasks add a simple but powerful new feature that, frankly, should have been in the app before. This new feature will allow you to put an asterisk on any task to emphasize the importance of a specific task. For example, you can use an asterisk to indicate tasks that you consider a priority.

Other similar programs, such as Microsoft To-Do, also allow users to place a star next to a particularly important task to help the user quickly find those that are more important than others.

Announcing the new feature, Google said: “We hope this update will make it easier for you to prioritize your tasks and quickly move on to important tasks in your projects.”

It will be offered to users of both desktop and mobile versions of Google Tasks. In the Google Workspace blog, the company wrote: “In Google Tasks you can now mark important tasks with a star. It’s similar to the functionality that already exists in Drive today. “

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