Amazon has sheltered important data

Amazon Web Services’ cloud computing platform has helped Ukrainian ministries and private companies transfer data to secure servers following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. This is stated in the company’s blog.

“AWS has added more than 10 petabytes (10 million gigabytes) of important data from 27 Ukrainian ministries, 18 Ukrainian universities, the largest K-12 distance learning school (serving hundreds of thousands of IDPs), and dozens of other private sector companies. There are 61 migrations, and it is expected that there will be even more, ”the company said.

One week before the large-scale Russian invasion, Ukraine’s parliament passed a law allowing data from the government and the private sector to be moved to the cloud. To this end, the Ukrainian leadership has announced a public call for help. Amazon Web Services was one of the first organizations to respond.

“AWS is honored to work with the Ukrainian government and private and non-governmental organizations to support the people of Ukraine. We will help and provide technical knowledge and services to those who need them, “the company said.

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