Google will teach Android to eavesdrop on sleeping users

Google wants to train its line of Pixel smartphones and Pixel Watches to monitor people’s snoring and coughing while they sleep. Thus, the company will study the quality of users’ rest in more detail, writes 9to5google.

The experts found a code in the Google Health Studies program that revealed interesting details. Google staff members with an Android phone may participate in the study. At the same time, one should not fall asleep in the presence of a competitor’s employee nearby.

And the eavesdropping algorithm itself will look like this: the application will record all sounds during sleep through a microphone, the received information will be stored locally and will not be transmitted anywhere for processing.

When the function will be opened for ordinary users is not yet reported.

Recall that earlier we talked about the fact that we found a secret feature in the Windows 11 update.

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