Hackers are constantly attacking the sites of regional media in the Russian Federation

Hacker attacks from the territory of Ukraine affected not only the websites of the state media of the aggressor country based in Moscow, but also hit news agencies from the regions of the Russian Federation. Last night, computer craftsmen put several dozens of information resources in various territorial subjects of Russia, Reedus informs.


In particular, the key sites of the Russian Primorye – the news agency OTV-Prim and the state television and radio company Vladivostok – were put out of action for more than 12 hours. The hackers managed to achieve this effect with the help of a DDOS attack, unprecedented in these places.

The Primorsky branch of the all-Russian publication Vesti, citing the regional department of Rospotrebnadzor, reported that the cyberattack was carried out from the territory of Ukraine.

The Stavropol Territory is named the second largest region of the Russian Federation in terms of damage caused by a cyberattack. Local branches of the All-Russian state media “lay” for several hours.

“Number three” in terms of losses is the Nizhny Novgorod region. Along with several small-town agencies, “computer masters from Ukraine” disabled the major media resource News.nn.

For several hours, it became known that Anonymous hackers had joined the attacks on the aggressors. According to the group’s message, through the efforts of its specialists, the work of 100% (!) Government websites of Belarus has been stopped. On the third day of the war, the same organization disabled critical Russian websites, including the websites of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Kremlin, the Ministry of Defense, the government of Chechnya, Roskomnadzor, and leading propaganda mouthpieces.

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