Hajiyev predicted Papin’s early victory over Prashovich

The President of the promotional company Fight Nights Global, Kamil Gadzhiev, believes that Russian boxer Alexei Papin should knock out Montenegrin Dilan Prashovich as part of the REN TV Fight Club super series on May 27 in Omsk.

“I think it’s time for big fights for Alexei and Prasovic will be a good test for him. I look forward to a convincing victory for Alexei, ahead of schedule, ”said Gadzhiev.

According to him, Papin is the favorite in this confrontation, he is “gaining form from fight to fight”.

In addition, Gadzhiev commented on the upcoming fight of the Russian fighter Mikhail Mokhnatkin against another Russian, Ivan Shtyrkov. Between these two athletes, he prefers the first. Gadzhiev predicted Mokhnatkin’s victory on points.

Also, the president of the Fight Nights Globa promotional company spoke about the attitude towards pop MMA fighters Bruce Khlebnikov and boxer Pavel Shulsky.

“Khlebnikov is a strong man who does not have enough experience, and Shulsky is still a real professional athlete,” Hajiyev is sure.

In the last of the fights, Gadzhiev gave preference to two-time Olympic champion Alexei Tishchenko. He believes that the Russian will defeat former WBA world champion Venezuelan Nehomar Sermeno.

On May 24, Papin and Prashovich had a duel of views before the fight. During the duel of glances, the Montenegrin athlete began to smile. At the end of the battle, both athletes smiled and shook hands.

Earlier in the day, Papin urged Prasovic to “hug” less in the upcoming fight. According to the Russian, his opponent abuses a technique called the clinch, when the fighter presses tightly against the opponent and “hugs” him. At the same time, he called Prashovich a good boxer.

Tournament within the framework of the REN TV Fight Club. Super Series. Papin VS Prashovich” will be held on May 27 in Omsk. The REN TV channel will show the tournament live at 22:00 Moscow time and 01:00 Omsk time. The special guest of the evening will be the musician, poet and rap artist Misha Mavashi.

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