Hot new Audi RS4 and RS5 to the road get street racing car kit

AUDI has unveiled new versions of its Hot RS4 and RS5 that run faster, better sound and faster corners.

A new Competition Plus package, available for the Audi RS4 Estate, two-door RS5 coupe and four-door RS5 Sportback, will add Bespoke equipment to create the final version of these cars.
Adding packages makes the final Audi RS4 available

While in Germany the packages will be called Competition Package and Competition Package Plus, we will probably find the next one here.

For starters, this brings a new coilover kit that allows RS4 and RS5 to sit 10mm below the ground.

However, owners can manually reduce it by an additional 10mm – a full 20mm less than a standard car.

You also get adjustable dampers, a high spring rate and a stiff anti-roll bar.

If you have no idea what we are talking about, know that race cars need to be able to corner as efficiently as possible.

But Audi thinks long-distance comfort is not lost, so you can still use these cars for commuting or getting kids to school.

Also new to the competition cars are fast steering, special Pirelli tires for road and track use, upgraded ceramic brakes with a new ABS tune for improved braking, and a sharper automatic transmission.

Although the Audi is known as All-Wheel Drive, the new package will also restore the car’s Sport Differential, sending more power to the rear wheels in Audi’s Sportistest dynamic driving mode.

The RS4 and RS5 will get the same 450PS twin-turbo 2.9-liter V6 petrol engine, but the new package means a faster 0-100km / h sprint for both – 0.2 seconds faster for the RS4 and 0.1 seconds faster for the RS5.

The Sprint now takes 3.9 seconds on the RS4 and 3.8 seconds on the RS5, but both cars now have an extended top speed of 180mph as standard.
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And it’s not just about the technical details below. Add Audi’s competition package and you’ll get some visual goodies too.

On the outside, this means a 20-inch alloy wheel and a new sports exhaust that not only sounds crisp but also has a black tailpipe for a more powerful look.

These match the front and rear Audi and model badges with a glossy black finish.

Trick metric LED headlights are ideal on the RS5 and optional on the RS4.

Inside, you’ll find unique honeycomb-patterned sports seats, an Alcantara steering wheel and black-and-red seat belts.
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Audi has not yet revealed how much the new Competition Plus package will cost in the UK, but in Germany it will be € 11,875, or around পা 10,000 for a standard car.

However, it has also been said that these cars will be limited to ‘two-digit’ numbers only, so it is better to be fast if you want one.

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