Mark Zuckerberg, a teenager running after Elon Musk’s jet, has found a new plane

The teenager, who chased after his private jet and turned the feathers of billionaires, said he had landed on Mark Zuckerberg’s plane.

Jack Sweeney said Wednesday that he had created a Twitter account to monitor the plane’s location, which is now “completely accurate.”

He shared a picture of Jet on his personal account.

The 19-year-old made his name in January after Elon Musk offered to pay him $ 5,000 to close his Jet Tracking account.

In a Twitter message to Sweeney, the Tesla boss expressed concern that “something strange” might shoot him out of the sky.

The young man turned down the offer of a mask. He uses data from public flight records to run accounts that keep tabs on the likes of Mask, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos.

Sweeney’s JukeJet account, which follows Juke’s Jet, was set up in February and has 7,000 followers.

In April, the technician said he learned the plane was no longer being used by Facebook’s founder.

He said on Twitter that he was able to pin the latest jet flight number based on his travel history and Juke’s travels.

Meta, a company owned by Facebook, said in a recent regulatory filing that it had leased a new jet for its CEO in March.

The company reportedly spent $ 26.8 million on Zuckerberg’s safety and private jet travel in 2021.

His company pays 24-hour bodyguards and installs bulletproof glass and a panic button in his office in Menlo Park, California.
The mask is not fascinating

Musk was not impressed when he learned that a 19-year-old had created a Twitter bot to track the movements of his private jet.

In late January, Protocol reported that Musk had sent a direct message to the teen and asked him to delete the account, marking it as a “security risk”.

Sweeney replied, “Yes I can, but for that you have to spend a Model 3, just kidding, isn’t it?”

After a few messages, Musk asked how much Sweeney had earned by running the account.

When he revealed that he was not earning more than 20 a month, the richest man in the world offered 5,000 to clear the account.

The teenager pushes for more and demands an extra zero.

“Any chances to bump it up to $ 50,000?” He said.

“It would be a great asset in college and would potentially allow me to get a car, even a Model 3O.”

Kasturi replied that he would think about it, but Sweeney never heard from the billionaire again.

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